How To Buy On

To place an order online

Add at least one item to your shopping cart and then go to checkout.

During checkout, you can select shipping options and enter payment information, and add billing and shipping addresses.

You can also review your order before it’s final, and make changes to the color, size, or quantity of an item.

What happens next?

After you place an order, an order confirmation immediately appears in the same window. The confirmation includes an order number. It’s a good idea to write the order number down before closing your browser.

Within 24 hours, you’ll receive a call from our us on your given number to confirm your order and then you’ll receive an order confirmation email.

To place an order by phone or WhatsApp

To place an order by phone or WhatsApp, contact us on the respective numbers which you can find here, and be sure to have all the details of your desired purchases handy, as well as your method of payment.